Google is updating itself, fast. Latest to make news is Dictionary Search Box. It means one does not need to go for a new tab just to find meaning of a particular word. Akin to Google’s own search bar, it s a brand new search bar just for dictionary.

Confused? Just add ‘define’ before or after the search query and you would see dictionary meaning of what you typed. This dictionary card, as it is said, comes with a clear search box and the meaningful-result would reign over the search engine result page.

This is a faster lookup and could be seen on both desktop as well as apps (Android plus iOs).  With the additional drop-down you may get see to see auto-suggestions as well as auto-corrections which would help in choosing the correct word whose meaning you intend to find.

Moreover, as you type a new search term, the page doesn’t reload and auto-expands. Isn’t it smart? For marketing, this feature is not going to harm the motive of commercial searches, but yes, for informational queries, it is going to benefit people who are looking for words and its meaning.

No matter how the world looks at Google as a product company, but Google search is Google’s flagship offering. Time and again, Google has been updated its Search home page and this newest feature, a built-in dictionary in the main search bar is going to benefit people for sure. But I wonder if it was really needed? Search within a search?