Google has a special affinity with spring season, as far as updates are concerned. Blending 2017 Google Adwords update, Google’s Marketing Next event held in March in Mountain View had already laid grounds for exciting new features of Adwords.
But why Google thought to overhaul the design of Adwords, which was unchanged for the past 15 years?

To save time of UI load. Industry leaders like iProspect North observed that the new interface could load much faster-20% faster of the older UI.
Taking the bubble of what lies ahead, let’s have a look what are the new features in the latest User interface of Adwords. Features, which were never into existence but now mark an important avenue for future advertising. The completely redesigning AdWords, which you can opt for while being on the current user interface, comes with the following offerings:

1- New extension called ‘Promotion’
Although the feature had started to show in the Beta version of Adwords this year, Promotion extension is the latest entrant into the extensions family of Adwords. Boosting ecommerce on the search, with this new Promotion Extension, (official name TBA) in expanded text ads could be seen in the latest design of Adwords, you can add it to show price tag and boost the CTR.

Where to find promotion extensions in the new UI of Adwords?
You can see

2- Giving more power to Demographic Targeting through Household Income Targeting
These powers come into the latest design of Adwords in the form of Parental status (something which was in Display campaigns only) and household income (earlier under location targeting in search).
Where to find Household income targeting feature ?

3- Much Better Reporting
With the advertising spend going through the skies, Adwords latest version has uplifted the reporting in order to analyze different campaigns efficiently. The visual appeal looks much better with easy to understand breakdown of metrics like clicks, cost, and conversions across devices. It means a much better opportunity to adjust your bids.

4- Better Bid Adjustments
Talking about the ‘better bid adjustments’ in the new Adwords UI, now you can adjust or choose your bids on the basis of certain criteria like a call extension or call-only campaign.

5- Welcome ‘Targeting’ and ‘Observations’ For Display Campaigns
These two are nothing but the newly donned names of Target and bid” and “Target” respectively.

Where to find ‘Targeting’ and ‘Observations’ in new Adwords?
A new section called ‘Audience’ could be seen in the left sidebar of new Adwords UI. Once clicked, you may see Targeting and Observations as under:

6-Now, you can easily adjust the different columns as per your own choice. The columns are adjustable

7-  Ads And Extensions Sharing One Room– Unlike previous interface, you see both ads and extensions under one roof in the new User interface of Adwords 2017.

8- New Filter i.e.Good Quality but low traffic keywords.– One new feature has made its way into filter and that feature is “Good Quality but low traffic keywords”

All of the above-mentioned features could play a great role in the future endeavors of advertisers. But, by the same token, there are many features which are still missing. Untill and unless the ‘missing’ is found, let’s enjoy the new interface of Adwords features because by the end of the year, the beta version would be gone.